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Virtual Office Phone Answering Service adelaide

Published Apr 10, 23
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This makes things much more affordable for our customers and gives them flexibility as they grow. If you are looking to get one virtual address then why not consider getting multiple addresses and go national. For a very affordable annual fee you can give your customers the impression that you have locations around the country and you are truly national.

If you opt for the enhanced services of a virtual assistant, your virtual receptionist can help even more with sales enquiries, processing phone orders, managing your diary and organising appointments. In short, our virtual receptionists do everything an in-house receptionist does at a fraction of the cost and their services are scalable - if you need a weekend live phone answering service or even 24/7, its easy.

Running a small business often means wearing a number of different hats. One minute you are the sales person, the next minute the accountant and the following hour you need to be a technician. In between all of this the telephone could be ringing and you need to be the receptionist as well.

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Research that was carried out overseas by BT has shown that business callers get really irritated by automated messaging services and are much more likely to hang up rather than leave a message. The research showed that in more than 60% of cases a caller would simply hang up the phone rather than leave a message on an automated service.

The problem with your callers simply hanging up rather than leaving a message is that they go from being a warm prospect to being a stone cold one. The likelihood is that immediately after hanging up that phone they have scanned down the list and decided to call the next company down (virtual office phone answering service).

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Business is so competitive these days that you really need to protect every possible warm lead that comes your way. Our Melbourne phone answering service is a great way to ensure that you never miss another call. Our professional staff will answer the majority of your incoming calls (more than 90%) within 6 rings and will have your message to you within minutes.

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Our system has been custom written in Australia and has been operating locally for more than 5 years. We currently have more than 3,500 customers using our services and the system works seamlessly. Because our system has been created by Australians for Australian business it has a lot of functionality which works.

They can be there to turn away all of those pesky telemarketing people who ring wanting to sell you SEO services or a new electricity supplier. Our receptionists can also field calls coming in and direct them to the right extension or department (virtual assistant receptionist). With our state of the art system you can also set up a series of numbers that you want us to call if we can't find you at your main number.

We really want to help you do your job better! Our phone answering service is used by a really broad range of businesses. These businesses range in size from one and two man businesses to divisions of public companies with 400 or more people. For us it doesn't matter if you are a one man show or a 400 person department as we will deliver the same level of professionalism to you regardless.

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We don't have long term contracts for our customers. We don't believe that our customers should be forced to stay with us if they do not believe that they are getting the best value from our service (best virtual receptionist services). Despite not having a contract to lock them in our average customer still stays with us for around 3 years so we must be doing something right.

Everything you need to take your business national! We can also assist with 1300 numbers. Why not call one of our friendly sales assistants on 1300 794 910 to find out how we can help you.

Mail Redirection Once your mailing address has been set up we can then either hold your mail for you and you can collect it during business hours or we can forward it to any address worldwide (for a small fee). Our friendly staff will notify you by email when mail or packages arrive.

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What better place to meet your clients than at your virtual address. We can also cater for those requirements with our flexible array of options in our 440 Collins Street business centre. Virtual Receptionist - Live Answering Service The first impression that a new client will get of your business is usually from the receptionist that answers your call.

With our telephone answering service your calls will be answered promptly and efficiently every time by our team of trained local receptionists. Once we take your call we will then transfer the calls to you via either SMS or email. Don't settle for second best! We believe if you put us to the test with a No Obligation Free 7 day trial you will be convinced.

Make sure all your business calls are answered without committing to a full-time receptionist. Our mail and courier management services take care of deliveries, so you don’t have to. Gain access to our state-of-the-art meeting and conference rooms. Dexus Place meeting rooms have flexible configurations that can be easily adjusted to meet your business or client needs.

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Yes, you can still access the Waterman Centres as you are still considered as a member of Waterman! Please note that you will need to pick up your access pass and be inducted by a community manager before you use the centre for the first time. We ask that you notify our service team of your intention to come in and our team will have your pass set up ready for you to go.

Our virtual office packages will elevate your business to the next level with a premium postcode, mail handling and phone management services. You have the option to add on different services as your business grows, but in the meantime let us take some administration off your hands. You’ll be able to book meeting rooms at member rates and have the option to access the space.

A dedicated business address for you to promote your business as operating from. You can use this on all your marketing material and stationery and this is where all your mail will come to. Any mail received for your business can be forwarded to your nominated address, held for collection or opened and scanned to you.

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